Are you an IT Talent?

No matter where you resides, we can relocate you to Sweden through our recruitment program

With so many startups and investments in the Sweden IT sector, it's now been called the second silicon valley of Europe. To meet the growing demand of IT talent, we recruit skilful IT candidates from all around the world. If you are an experienced backend/frontend developer, UI/UX designer or data scientist, we'll be curious to look into your profile and bring you onboard.

Our Selection Criteria Current Openings
Candidate Selection Criteria
Register your profile
We first urge the candidate to register their full profile on our website
Profile scanning
We then look into your profile and see if it matches with our skillset requirement
Phone interview
We'll then conduct a phone interview to get an in-depth understanding of your experience
Welcome onboard
If we are inspired by your profile then you'll officially be welcomed on our system

Most Demanded Jobs

We constantly looking for IT talents all around the world who fits with our skill requirement
Java Developer
Java 8 | Java EE | Spring | JDBC / JPA / Hibernate | RDBMS | SOAP / REST | NoSQL Databases | Maven / Gradle | Git | Cloud (AWS, Azure) | Agile (Scrum/Kanban)
(Experience: 5+ years | Degree: BCS/MSC)
.Net Core Developers
C# | SQL/T-SQL | ASP.NET MVC | MS SQL Server/Oracle/MongoDB | Design patterns (MVVM, MVP, MVC) | REST APIs | HTML/CSS/JS | Cloud (AWS, Azure) | Git | Agile (Scrum/Kanban)
(Experience: 5+ years | Degree: BCS/MSC)
Full Stack Developers
C#, Java, Python or Node.js | React/Angular | Webpack | MS SQL Server/Oracle/MongoDB | HTML/CSS/JS | REST APIs | Git | SOAP / REST | Agile (Scrum/Kanban)
(Experience: 6+ years | Degree: BCS/MSC)
Senior React Developers
React/Redux | NPM | Webpack | ES6/ES7 | Jest/Enzyme | HTML/CSS/JS | Sass | Bootstrap | Gulp/Grunt | jQuery | REST APIs | Git | Agile (Scrum/Kanban)
(Experience: 4+ years | Degree: BCS/MSC)
Mobile Developers
Swift/Java/Kotlin/React Native | Redux | Spring MVC | Webpack | HTML/CSS/JS | ES6/ES7 | SOAP/REST APIs | Git | GraphQL | Agile (Scrum/Kanban)
(Experience: 5+ years | Degree: BCS/MSC)
Data Scientists
Java/Scala/Python | Docker | Mesos | Hive | Spark | Impala | Spring | SQL | Rstudio | Excel | Google Analytics
(Experience: 4+ years | Qualification: Computer Science/Statistics/Mathematics)

Why Sweden?

It’s highly innovative
The European Commission’s European Innovation Scoreboard 2016 places Sweden in top place. Alongside Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden is an “Innovation Leader” with innovation performance well above that of the EU average, according to the study.
It has the best reputation
It’s no surprise then, that Sweden tops the ranking in 2017 (78.3 points), of the RepTrak reputation ranking. It’s a great place for families – it has 16 months of parental leave and free day care services - it invests in green living, has favourable economic growth, is a safe country for women, has transparency in the media and last, but by no means least - it's a beautiful country.
It has a powerful passport
The power of a passport is defined as how many countries the holder has unfettered access to. Germany and Sweden top the list, with only one country between them. This makes the Swedish passport the second most powerful in the world.
It has low levels of corruption
Sweden has a low level of corruption and ranks 4th in Transparency International's latest Corruption Perceptions Index, which measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in 186 countries.
Language skills
Swedes speak very good English, and are only beaten to the top by The Netherlands and Denmark. The ranking, which is compiled by language education company Education First, is the result of testing millions of people all over the world on their language skills.
Public transport
SL, the transport network on Stockholm, is so good and widespread, that you don’t need a car of your own. The SL transport network is huge and covers a vast amount of Stockholm. On weekends, the public transport here runs 24/7, and through the weeks, it starts around 5:30 and stops around midnight.

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